Software Development

ASolutions to Low Fertility, Aging Population and Labor Shortages

Automation of work


Automate repetitive tasks of daily operations

Automation of daily reports and clerical work

Automates human typing tasks

data entry

Handwriting is converted to data and entered into the system

Automatic Entry of Core Systems

Automate partial estimation tasks related to numerical values


Record received e-mails on an Excel sheet in the specified format

Save to Excel

Web operation automation


Automatically log in without the hassle of manual login procedures

Automatic Login Entry

Input customer data in Excel to the web.

Customer Information Entry

We also make time-specific setup changes.

Change settings on the web

Linkage and data transfer between systems without human intervention for notifications, alerts, etc..

Automatic connection using various APIs

In addition to sending data to a dedicated system, it is also possible to send data on line

Robot transmits to dedicated system

Automated Trading System


Systems for stocks, CFDs, FX and MetaTrader, as well as automated trading using APIs.

Automated investment systems